Oil and Gas

From oil and gas equipment to severe service valves, Plasma Processes’ innovative coatings extend service life. We provide reliable services for valves including balls and seats, compressors and turbines.

Neutron Detection and Absorption

Plasma Processes applies neutron absorption coatings to oil industry logging systems involving geological sensors operating under the severe service conditions of deep drilling.


Deposits, corrosion, and erosion on a valve ball or seat will eventually result in downtime or loss of product from seal failure. Plasma Processes applies highly-adhered coatings to internal valve components to extend valve life. The coatings can be ground & lapped to dimensional specifications. Material compositions include metal matrix composites for wear and metal oxide ceramics for corrosion protection. We also apply a highly specialized tantalum/titanium oxide coating for severe service valves for the mining industry.

Wear Resistance

Coatings are employed to address numerous wear mechanisms common in the oil and gas market including abrasion, erosion, cavitation, galling and fretting. Plasma Processes can tailor coatings to specific applications and more than one aspect of wear can be addressed by a single coating. For instance, cermets can be used to combine wear resistance with thermal conductivity.