Platinum Group Metals

Plasma Processes manufactures a broad range of precious metal products used across a wide variety of industries.


Plasma Processes’ iridium open cell foam can be used for catalytic activity in a variety of applications.

Iridium Crucibles

Plasma Processes fabricates high-purity, seamless platinum group metal crucibles with uniform structure, one-piece construction and flexible sizes and shapes.  Crucibles up to 12” in diameter without limitations on wall thickness and custom crucibles featuring complex geometries (radial, hemispherical and conical bottoms) or multiple layers of different materials are available. All crucibles can be refined to recover the precious metal.


Publication: Advanced Crucibles.pdf

Iridium and Ruthenium Ignition Electrodes

Iridium and Ruthenium Ignition Electrodes Plasma Processes fabricates net-shape iridium and ruthenium electrodes used in ignition systems.  The electrodes are able to withstand harsh environments while efficiently delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Photo: Iridium igniters fabricated with EL-Form® process.








Photo: Iridium electrodes fabricated with EL-Form® process.

Iridium Electrodes


Plasma Processes refines iridium and spent iridium components.  We will purchase rhenium scrap for cash or trade-in value for new iridium products.

Sputter Targets

Plasma Processes manufactures custom iridium and ruthenium sputter targets to customer specifications.