Power Generation

From solar energy to nuclear fusion, Plasma Processes serves a wide range of customers within the power generation market. We offer each customer innovative product solutions and technologies such as high-quality alloys, photovoltaic materials, coatings, and composite materials technology. Innovative coatings permit higher temperatures which boost efficiency.

Fuel Cells

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are electrochemical conversion devices that produce electricity directly from fuel.  Plasma Processes offers several methods for depositing solid oxide fuel cell coatings with an emphasis on product quality and productivity.

Nuclear Fusion

Plasma Processes materials and composites are being used as components in high-performance heat exchangers for nuclear fusion, called divertors. Faced with the extreme conditions that prevail within the fusion reactor, they ensure reliable heat removal while withstanding temperatures of over 2 000 °C and the stresses induced by massive cyclic thermomechanical loading.

Solar and Photovoltaic

Plasma Processes offers a complete line of coatings and sputter targets for the solar and photovoltaic industry. 

Sputter Targets

Plasma Processes provides customized cylindrical sputter targets used to create thin films for the architectural glass industry to create low-e and electrochromic glass.  Both cylindrical and planar geometries are available with lengths up to 52”.

Land Based TurbinesLand Based Turbines

Plasma Processes develops and applies turbine coatings used to improve and enhance surface properties demanded by extreme operating conditions.  Applications range from anti-seizure coatings of nut threads to turbine blade coatings enabling the very high combustion chamber exit temperatures.  Other applications include hard coatings to enhance wear resistance and abradable seal coatings.