Liquid Rocket Engine Subcomponents and Coatings

    • Radiation Cooled Combustion Chambers
    • Non-toxic Green Propellant Combustion Chambers
    • Regeneratively Cooled Combustion Chambers
    • Injector and Faceplate Coatings
    • Catalyst Beds and Igniters
    • Nozzle Extension Coatings

Solid Rocket Motor Subcomponents and Coatings

    • Refractory Metal Subcomponents
    • Ultra High Temperature Ceramic (UHTC) Subcomponents
    • Composite Material Subcomponents
    • Solid Divert and Attitude Control System Subcomponents



Pulse testing of Milli-Newton thruster made by Plasma Processes, LLC with non-toxic mono-propellant AFM-315E.